Israel Supreme Court hears arguments on amendment to PM incapacitation provision – JURIST

Israel’s Supreme Court heard arguments on Thursday over an “incapacitation” amendment, which imposed restrictions on the government’s ability to claim that the prime minister is unable to fulfill his duties. The government... Read more »

Pakistan authorities resume issuing ‘X’ ID Cards to transgender people after four-month halt – JURIST

Pakistani authorities resumed issuing identity cards listing X as the bearer’s gender on Monday after a four-month halt caused by a controversial ruling from the Pakistani Federal Shariat Court. According to Rida... Read more »

US Secretary of State announces new visa restrictions against individuals ‘undermining democracy’ in Liberia – JURIST

In a statement on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced new visa restrictions for individuals who are “undermining democracy” in Liberia ahead of the country’s elections in October. The statement came... Read more »
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